Wrecking Your Relationships?

Being in a relationship whether it is a partner or a friend, can be one of the most fantastic things throughout your life. But, if you have BDD or low self-esteem, it can literally ruin your relationships.

For example, in a relationship with a partner, you might constantly think you’re not good enough and end up not trusting your partner because of it. Which in turn can wreck your relationship. If it is a friendship, you may feel like your friend is more attractive than you and avoid being out with them or start spending less time around them which can lead to wrecking your friendship.

If this is something you are struggling with please do the following:

 1)      Stop. Literally stop whatever you’re doing, find a quiet place to go to and take a deep breath.

2)      Try to come to terms with the fact that you are a BDD sufferer and view yourself differently to how others view you. You might be smokin’ hot to your partner but you do not see that.

3)      Try your best to believe that you are attractive to the person you are with. Whether you think you are attractive or not is entirely separate from whether they think you are.

4)      Do not avoid being in public with that gorgeous friend. Dress up even more to stand out. Again it is your view that he/she is good looking, but it might not be other people’s view.

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