Not Happy With Your Body?

Ladies, our bodies are ever-changing whether it is that time of the month or whether we have just lost or put on weight. Having body image confidence is important (well to me) and I want to pass on my tips for making the most of what you have with you bod!

  • If you like to get acrylics then get them done
  • If you do not wear acrylics, paint your own nails
  • Wear good underwear that fits you properly 
  • If you wish to slim down the appearance of your tummy, get some ‘hold me ins’
  • If you want to be more stacked in the back, get a pair of padded underwear
  • If you wish to reduce/enlarge the appearance of your boobs, get the necessary underwear

 If there are things that you can change today to boost your body image confidence do it today!

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