Living With A Monster

Living with a monster can be unbearable at times and very hard to deal with on a constant basis. Your monster can manipulate your mind to think horrible things about yourself. It seems to want to take over your thoughts and to corrupt your mind with self abuse. When things are going well for you, it does its best to drag you back to an unhappy life.

If you haven’t caught on yet, the monster I am referring to is the one inside your mind. It is the thing that hates you loving yourself and accepting you for you. It is your BDD, your depression and your low self-esteem.

Putting on a brave face and facing your monster on a daily basis is what we all need to be doing. Getting up in the morning and putting our best foot forward (even if we think of that foot as wide, fat, smelly etc) is the hardest, bravest and most empowering thing that we can do. Basically, don’t let that monster win! You can do that by:

  • Taking care of your appearance
  • Cleanliness – keeping yourself, your home etc clean and tidy
  • Being Proactive 
  • Smiling – even though you do not feel like it, just do it!
  • Being Positive – by remembering that the dark time will pass

I would love to hear how you fight away your monsters – let me know in the comment section :)

xxxx Sara xxxx

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