Changing Your Mindset

Ok so here’s my theory – in a perfect world you DECIDE to love the way you look and you are finally happy with yourself and like what you see in the mirror, and because you’ve decided to change your way of thinking, all the pieces come together and you finally love the way you look. Well, I did say in a perfect world! 

In reality in is very different although the concept of deciding to accept yourself the way you are and changing your mindset to like your reflection, is actually the same.

What am I talking about?! 

Our brains are extremely powerful. We can make ourselves believe anything. If we can imagine it, we can have it. So why can’t we imagine self-acceptance and liking the way the person looking back at us in the mirror looks? 

How does this help with my BDD?

Changing your mindset to being open to self-acceptance is where self-acceptance can start. Without choosing to want to do this creates a barrier making it almost impossible for this to happen. 

In a nutshell, the key to self-acceptance and being happy with the way you look flaws and all, is to decide/choose to want to do so. After you have decided, take a step everyday towards that goal i.e. looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you accept your flaws / or /  deciding not to be mean to yourself if you don’t look how you want to look.

 One step each day after deciding to change the way you think about yourself is where it all needs to start!

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