Affirmations :)

Affirmations are a great way to make your mind a more peaceful place. They can, in time, help build up your self-esteem and can also help you on your self love journey.

The key to making your affirmations work is repetition – repeat repeat repeat!!!

If you have BDD, a good affirmation for you might be to focus in on the flaw(s) that you have. If you have an issue with your face (like me) it could be something like

I have a beautiful face” or “I am pretty”. If you have an issue with a body part, for example, your legs, your affirmation might be along the lines of “I love my body” or

I accept my legs JUST how they are”.

You can have as many affirmations as you like but I suggest that you stick to 3 – 5 as it will be easier to remember and you will be more likely to be consistent. Daily affirmations would be better but saying them only once a week is better than not saying them at all.

Warning: When you first start to repeat your affirmations to yourself it could take a while before you actually believe what you’re saying to yourself. Just keep repeating them and it will feel more and more natural and hopefully you will begin to believe your affirmations are true!

Good luck to each and every one of you with your affirmations!



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