About Me

Do you think you’re ugly?

Do you constantly compare yourself to others?

Do you want to love your appearance and finally be happy?

If so, this blog is DEFINITELY for you!

About Me:

Okay, so I guess I should start by introducing myself – my name is Sara, I’m from London and I have BDD. Everyday is a constant struggle to be happy with myself and I am sick and tired of holding in all of these feelings and think it is time to share them with people who understand what I am going through.

Why I created Ugly to Gorgeous:

I created this blog to be a peaceful and positive place for those with BDD or extreme low self-esteem, to vent, advise or learn how others cope.

This blog is a safe place where each and every one of us with BDD or extremely low self-esteem can come to without the pressure to look perfect. It’s a place where we can be  completely open and honest with eachother without being judged or being misunderstood.

You are NOT alone. I’m here to give you as much support as you need while you transform your life!

xxx Sara xxx

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