Not Happy With Your Body?

Ladies, our bodies are ever-changing whether it is that time of the month or whether we have just lost or put on weight. Having body image confidence is important (well … Continue Reading →


Compliments can be hard to accept when you don’t believe the compliment. I think we have all been there when we feel like the compliment is not true. The fact … Continue Reading →

Changing Your Mindset

Ok so here’s my theory – in a perfect world you DECIDE to love the way you look and you are finally happy with yourself and like what you see … Continue Reading →

Wrecking Your Relationships?

Being in a relationship whether it is a partner or a friend, can be one of the most fantastic things throughout your life. But, if you have BDD or low … Continue Reading →

Having an ‘I’M SO UGLY’ day?

I know how bad it can be to have one of these days – trust me! The only thing you want to do is crawl into bed and never leave! … Continue Reading →

So You Think You’re UGLY?

“I’m ugly”! – How many times have we said that to ourselves? How many times a day do we put ourselves down because of the way we look?! I can … Continue Reading →

Labelling Your BDD Thoughts

Hey Guys, Today’s post is about labelling your BDD thoughts when they pop into your head. For example, you might be getting ready for the day by putting on your … Continue Reading →



Have you ever felt down, watched something funny, laughed, and felt tons better? Laughter is an important factor in our lives and can make us feel better in seconds. If … Continue Reading →

Living With A Monster

Living with a monster can be unbearable at times and very hard to deal with on a constant basis. Your monster can manipulate your mind to think horrible things about … Continue Reading →

Affirmations :)

Affirmations are a great way to make your mind a more peaceful place. They can, in time, help build up your self-esteem and can also help you on your self … Continue Reading →